The history of Vamos.
December 2000
First experimental physical modeling programs are written.

January 2001
The body module is imported into local CVS. This module contained many files that found their way into vamos.

September 2001
The vamos module is imported into local CVS. The structure of the code has remained pretty much the same since then.

October 2001
The project is moved to SourceForge.

0.1.0 - October 2001
The first public release is made.

January 2002
The first Freshmeat announcement is made for version 0.1.8.

0.2.0 - April 2002
Car model is improved.

0.3.0 - February 2003
Tracks are improved.

0.4.0 - September 2003
Configuration files are in place.

0.5.0 - June 2004
Car model is finished.

0.6.0 - February 2008
Tracks are finished, including pit lanes.

0.7.0 - January 2012
Handle multiple cars. Make computer-controlled cars.

0.8.0 - February 2014
Convert main app to Python. Start adding UI

Road Map

Add support for gameplay.

Tie up any important loose ends.


Here are some improvements that I'd like to make.